Sunday, August 17, 2008

What do they say about confession?

If blogging is like therapy, then I guess it's "fess up" time. I have way too many PIGs, WIPs and UFOs on my "To Do" list. I hope by posting regular (monthly?) updates on my progress that it will help me to move them from the "To Do" to "Done" list more quickly. I hate to say it but my good intentions list has turned into a joke. This is my last ditch effort to restore my faith in my ability to get a Christmas gift done before Valentine's Day and maybe even stitch a few baby gifts up in advance!

So, here are the two WIPs I am splitting my time between right now. I'll have to switch gears soon for EGA National Seminar (Medici Vase class) and also for a GCC I've just registered for (Finishing with Flair), but for the next two weeks, I'm dedicating my stitching time to my GPA Assisi Peacock Sampler and my first monochromatic (thank you Tantes Zolder/My Aunt's Attic), which I'm stitching to create a wine bottle gift bag. And by the way, the wine bottle gift bag is two years overdue. Ha!

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