Sunday, August 26, 2012

Back from the Fair..


I'm not sure where this weekend went, but I can assure you that I'm not ready for it to be dinnertime on Sunday!  I'm pretty sure someone has robbed me of at least one full day of my weekend!!  Who can I see about that?  Anyone??

Quickly, let me share my Fair winners with you all.  Most of these projects, you've seen before, but maybe in a different form. 

Here are the 3rd Place Winners:

The categories I entered (in case you are thinking "WHY the HECK did those things ribbon?!?!?") were the less popular categories.  The Royal Wedding pillow was in the "Counted Cross Stitch Pillows" category; the Assisi Lion project bag was in the "Counted Cross Stitch, Any Article" category;  and the little box with the thistle lid was in the "Household article trimmed in cross stitch" category.

Here are the 1sts and 2nd:

The Bargello Easter egg box was in the "Needlepoint, any other article on canvas mesh category"; the red Quaker pin cube was in the "Counted Cross Stitch, one color" category; and the Flower Bed piece was in the "Counted Cross Stitch on linen, under 10"x12" category.
I entered a couple of other pieces in the very popular categories, like Christmas and Needlepoint, framed, but didn't win a dern thing.  
But, that's that and it's not going to slow me down any, that's for sure..
Speaking of slowing down, next Saturday, hubby and I are headed to Colorado for a week of down time.  I've got a couple of projects that are in desperate need of my undivided attention, so I don't believe I'll be taking the laptop.  But, I will be taking the camera.  Hope to share some vay-cay pics soon after we return..
Here's one last finish to share:
I got hooked on shoe bags when hubby and I used to golf regularly.  I just love them and had plenty, but it seems that I have either lost some or my sister has visited my suitcase closet!
(What say you, Jamie Michelle????)
Isn't the fabric gorgeous?  I've got several really pretty fabrics in the stash that are begging to become shoe bags....and, if I was a betting woman, I'd say they are already half-way there.   :-)
Here's hoping you had some stitching time and enjoyed your weekend, wherever you are!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Summertime Summertime...


Popping in quickly to share a couple happy pics of summer...

  Have a wonderful weekend, friends!  Summer is fleeting...

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

All boxed up...


Sometimes I just can't leave well enough alone. 

In the case of my bargello Easter egg, I wasn't 100% happy with the finished product (not happy enough to have it framed) but I wasn't unhappy enough to pitch it in the garbage, so the question, "What should I do with that Easter egg?" rattled around in my poor little brain until I stumbled across an idea to use it to cover a storage box for some of my Easter decorations... 

I've had the box stuck away with a bunch of other boxes I can't bring myself to toss out. I know you know what I'm talking about.. It was pretty ugly but I loved the size and the fact that the lid was attached, so I've had it for several years, waiting for inspiration to strike.

Since I don't know when to stop, I pulled out some pretty Easter-y scrapbook paper and covered the ugly parts.  Then, I cut some stiff felt and made the compartment separators.  Finally, it needed some kind of closure, so I attached the pretty button and tasseled cord. 

It was great fun to make. 

Hope you are having fun with your stitching too!


Friday, August 10, 2012

Olympic Stitch finish..


So proud of the US (athletic) delegation in London!  Not only did they represent the USA well in competition, it seems, from where I was sitting (on the couch in my living room), that they conducted themselves with class (publically, at least.....I don't want to know what went on in Olympic village...none of my business...).

Perhaps in four years, the politicians will stay in the stands and the athletes will be the only "spokespeople" in Rio... 

"Olde Glory"
by Heart in Hand Needleart (Wee One series)
fabric:  natural 25 count linen
threads:  WDW Americana & Liberty; floche 321 & B5200

I almost forgot to mention that I altered this pattern a tiny bit to make it "almost" square.  It looked a tad squished to me as it was.  I think I added 8 stitches to the overall height of the pattern, so if you look for the chart and think something is wrong, it's not.. It's just me, being crazy..tweaking things that probably didn't need tweaking..

Happy weekend friends!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mad for Plaid


How do you store your stash linen/aida/evenweave fabric?  Until recently, I kept all of the bigger cuts in one big pile in a basket.  A couple of months ago, I got tired of pawing through the whole pile everytime I needed a "28 count blue" or a "32 count green" so, to help sort the mess out, I decided to divide the stash into three categories:
  • Less than 28 count
  • 28 count, and, you guessed it...,
  • Greater than 28 count 
Originally, I thought I'd use those mesh vinyl zipper bags that we all use for WIPs to store them.  Then, I decided that it would be nicer to have pretty fabric storage bags with some kind of embroidered labels.  When I spied these plaids in my fabric stash, the idea sunk in and I was off to the races (after I said a short prayer over the electrified sewing machine, "Please Lord, don't let any innocent bystanders be hurt in the making of these bags...)..

plaid fabric storage bags
stem stitched felt labels

The two larger bags are about 13" x 18".  The smaller one is about 10" x 14".  I tried to coordinate label colors to fabrics the best I could without buying any new materials.  I wish the grey label was a darker shade of grey, but I really like how the stem stitch turned out, so I'm not about to do it again..(hate that stem stitch!)

After these three were done and dusted, I realized that I need one more for the Mystery Count.  I'm sure I have another plaid in that fabric stash... somewhere...


Have a great remainder of the week, friends..

And, thank you for your kind words, cards and emails regarding Carmen.  I cry a little less with each passing day...  Hugs!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

The End...

Fair Warning:  this is not a happy post about needlework.  If you aren't in the mood for sad news, move on...

Dear Friends,

My four legged constant companion, Carmen, has been such a central part of my life for the past 12 1/2 years that I feel obliged to share the following.   The past month has been difficult for her, to say the least.  Age and arthritis were taking their toll while Mommy and Daddy were frantically trying to find the right combination of medication to make the age and arthritis tolerable.  Every medication seemed to make things worse, not better.  No medication at all made things much worse.  Ultimately, desperate for answers and the best diagnostics and medicine money could buy, we journeyed to Columbus OH where the MedVet staff and docs were so caring, thoughtful and thorough.  We got answers, but not good ones on Tuesday, 7/31.  Yesterday, Hubby and I made the hardest decision of our married lives (and that is saying ALOT!) to bring our girl home and bid her farewell.  Believe me when I say, we agonized over this decision but know it was the right one for our girl.  These are the hardest words I've ever written and I am only sharing because I've made Carmen such a fun part of this blog.  I hope to be able to blog again about silly things like craft fairs, tote bags, stitching finishes, and the like but it might be awhile... 

While my husband has three (human) boys from his first marriage, she was our only child.  His only "little girl".  We both are grief-striken and heart sick and will need some time to recover.. Twelve years is a long time, but, not long enough.

Together, we were 'The Fam'.  She was so special to us both...

Many tears...